Where Did Moksha Yoga Originate?

Yoga has been around for the last 5,000 years. It originated in India and immediately spread to the eastern part of the world. Many years ago, it was brought to the western society. Now, there are over 100 types of yoga, most are named after their creator.

One that’s becoming more and more popular is Moksha yoga, a type of hot yoga. It was created by Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson in 2004. They are yoga teachers from Toronto. The term “Moksha” means release or liberation.

The creators chose this term to show students how engaging in this type of yoga liberates your body from negative vibes and poor health, how it releases the toxins and stresses from the body and mind. It’s also more flexible and free than other types of hot yoga. Unlike the original version, which has fixed number of postures and duration of session, Moksha yoga can range from 30 to 40 poses at 60 to 90 minutes. Temperature can be around 100 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity at 30 to 50 percent.

Despite being young, Moksha yoga immediately gained recognition from yoga experts and enthusiasts. The vision of its creator was to create a worldwide community of people well trained in yoga. This dream gradually became a reality. More and more Moksha yoga classes have sprouted in different parts of the world including Taipei, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Trinidad, Canada and the USA.

The Moksha yoga community is also aligned with eco-living. Their group is composed of independent hot yoga studios that are geared towards environment-conscious and compassionate living. Each Moksha yoga studio, regardless of location, follows a strict set of rules to meet environmental standards.

Other than yoga, Moksha studios also offer various classes like “karma classes” and “energy exchange programs” among other special events. All Moksha yoga teachers undergo comprehensive training before given a license to teach this form of hot yoga.

Like other types of hot yoga, there are also plenty of benefits that you can get from practicing Moksha yoga. First, the poses enhance flexibility, strength, balance and stamina of the body. These effects are amplified with heat since warmer muscles have greater range of motion.

Moksha yoga is also an effective stress reduction technique. It teaches you how to breathe properly, go into meditative state, and calm your mind while erasing any doubts and anxieties. It helps you let go of your woes and any other thing that bothers your mind and hinders you from living a happy and fulfilled life.

With the immense amount of sweat that you release during a session, the body is efficiently detoxified. This means that the body is able to release and flush out toxins that can harm the body in more ways than one. Not to mention, Moksha yoga also improves blood circulation with every pressure created on the muscles.

Then there’s also the benefit of weight loss that you can’t overlook. Yoga in itself can already burn so much calories, when heat is added, it can burn up to 1000 calories per session.

Truly, the history of Moksha yoga wouldn’t have been this colorful if it’s not highly beneficial and effective. Try Moksha yoga in Winnipeg today!


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